Green Energy

Green Energy, alternative energy, sustainable energy or renewable energy all are essentially the same.  Every person on the planet knows something about green energy.  We are taught as children how plants grow with the proper amount of water and sunshine.  Even though this is a rudimentary explanation of green energy, you understand the point.  What each of us should know, is more about green energy and why it is vital to implement and control for us to maintain our way of life.

Fossil Energy

According to the California Energy Commission, millions of years ago, the land areas of earth were covered with plant life and swamps, as the plants died, they sank onto the bottom of the swamp and then were covered with more plants. As layer after layer of plant life built up, pressure built upon the original layer along with layers of sediment.  Eventually the swamps dried up, and the layers of sediment were replaced with layers of sand and dirt.    With additional pressure and the heat of the earth, the plant life decayed, releasing the liquid within making the material solid.  After several hundreds of thousands of years the material turned to coal.  With different plant materials in the layers, different types of coal are produced.

The same process happened for the creation of oil, except that the plant life grew in swamps that had a material very similar to plankton, which ate the dead plant when it settled to the swamp floor. Then additional layers of sediment and plant material settled, then pressure and heat, the material could not escape and converted to a liquid form.  Again with different types of plants becomes different type of crude oil.

According to the US Energy Information Administration the United States uses 18.83 million barrels of oil per day as of the year 2011.  Since the production of oil and coal take hundreds of millions of years to make, we (the planet) is consuming oil and coal at rates which will exhaust the supply in a very short period of time, when compared to its creation.

The reason we should know about green energy is obvious, but let’s make it clear.  Our standard of living and the ability to manufacture products depends upon the use of fossil fuels.  If the world does not embrace the use of green energy quickly, then everyone will see a drastic change in the way they live.

Renewable  Energy

Sustainable Energy takes many forms but the most common are solar, wind and water energy, along with geothermal, biomass and bio fuel, each with decreasing amounts of usage.  The acceptance of these types of energy sources is critical to maintain our standard of living.  Each of these types of energy source uses some materials that are not renewable, such as metal, glass, copper wire among other items.  The impact of using these materials are microscopic compared to the use of fossil fuels. Once the system has been constructed, no other impact on the environment happens.  The energy created by the sun, wind and water is converted into a form of energy that we can use for everyday life and the production of manufacturing items.  The cost of the systems normally are somewhat expensive upfront, however does not cost anything other than maintenance, once operating.

The challenge for every person is to invest time and they own energy to gain all of the knowledge they can about this topic.  If you put these practices into place, not only will your children thank you, the world will thank you.

  These are examples of what is green energy.  Something else the reader should be interested in is what are renewable sources of energy? This is an interesting source of our worlds energy.