Is Wind Energy Renewable?  First let us tell you that Wind Energy is one of the oldest forms of Renewable Energy.  Wind has been used to pump water out of low lying lands, grind grain with the power of fast flowing wind powering a wind mill and of course, moving boats across large bodies of water by the use of sails. This is the sun heating air, and the warmer air rising, cooler air rushes in to replace the warmer air, creating wind.  This type of energy has been around for as long as the planet.  Man has used various forms of technology to use this form of energy.  As of today, wind power generates more electric power than solar energy.  If only we could harness the energy with smaller wind turbines, then this form of energy would be more popular than it currently is.


Today when the wind turns the turbine blades of a wind mill, it causes the shaft of the turbine to rotate.  Wrapped around the shaft of the turbine is a series of copper wires, on either side of the copper wires are magnets with opposite polar charges, when the magnets rush past each other over the copper wires, electric current is created.  This current is transferred to the electric grid by means of wires from the turbine, to the grid.


Wind Energy is renewable without man having to do anything except figure how to capture, then convert the energy.  The sun does all of the work in creating this form of energy.  Unless man does something (such as create greenhouse gas) to prevent the creation or change the amount of wind, this form of energy will be around for longer then humans.  It is part of nature that we have nothing to do with.  We try to change the way the wind blows, by building things to block it, or make the wind move around us, but we can not prevent its creation or stop its transforming.  Weather patterns such as hurricanes and tornado’s are examples of extreme wind.  These are examples of hot air being created over land (tornado) or water (hurricane) by the sun.  When the hot air raises quickly, cooler air rushes in to fill in the void the hot air creates.  This is how wind is created, the movement of cooler air rushing in to replace hot air.


The examples of Tornado’s and Hurricanes are extreme examples of wind creation, but with the creation of these types of wind, when it comes into contact with immovable objects, creates destruction.  These types of wind currents are very powerful and have not been harvested yet.  This would be impractical since these types of wind patterns happen only a few times a year.  Plus we can not predict where they will occur, only that they should due to the movement of the air stream.


The harnessing of wind is something that man has done over centuries, this form of renewable energy is consistent under certain situation.  Wind over or near warm water, over mountains, on summer days.  This is the type of wind that we would like to harness and transform into energy that we could use, such as electricity.  A major draw back of wind energy is when the wind is not blowing.  On days when the sun and the air are the same temperature.  On days when clouds block the sun, so it does not warm the air.  Then the wind turbines can not create the energy that we need to power our homes and business.  When the temperatures rise, or the clouds go away, then the wind picks up.  This type of energy is renewable again because we did not do anything to create it.